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Prodiphar Sarl is a structure  Created By Mr. NGOUNOU CLAUDE CAMILLE since 2011, working as part of the promotion and development of pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical specialties in particular, but also other retail products, in Central Africa general.The group is based in Cameroon. Our goals :

  • Give our group, within our country and outside, greater notoriety.
  • Share our ambitions, our expertise and the quality of our products, with all visitors.
  • Engage the international partnerships with groups who believe in Africa.
  • Establish the international partnerships with any company, producing goods and services for the Retail sector.

We are currently in partnership with laboratories EKUBERG SURL PHARMA (Italy), the laboratories LACHIFARMA SRL (Italy) and the company DEISA EBANO SPA (Italy).

Ekuber-pharmaEKUBERG PHARMA SURL is an Italian pharmaceutical company, which designs and manufactures high quality products and performance, such as medical dispositive, other Dermo-cosmetics since 1998.

From its creation until today, the group is Ekuberg Pharma, occurring as the preferred objective of the search for innovative and optimal solutions to assist in the prevention of intolerance effects, particularly thanks Nickel shortly known at the time of the company’s foundation.

Chaired by PANTALEO GIANNUZZI (Country: Italy – City: Martano (LE).

Products Feature Presentation
Range DERMOXEN Dermoxen FLOREXIL (Vaginal Shower) bottle 140 ml
Range ALIDENT Mouthwash bottle 250 ml
Range FREENEX Hypertonic sea water 20 Unidoses of 5ml
FFAST FENDER Anti-mosquito moisturizing lotion bottle 140 ml

LachifarmaChaired by Dr. LUCIANO VILLANOVA, LACHIFARMA is the only pharmaceutical industry in the Puglia region (Italy) authorized by the Italian Medicine Agency (AIFA) to manufacture non-sterile medicines for human use. LACHIFARMA is the ideal partner in Italy for a manufacturing contract. LACHIFARMA offers its customers:    

  • High quality standards
  • Flexibility and high quality of customer care services
  • Technological innovation in manufacturing processes
  • Pharmaceutical development

LACHIFARMA activities (R & D) focus on the study of naturally occurring substances and their pharmacological applications. In terms of its flagship products, we could cite:

Featured products Characteristics Presentation Featured products Characteristics Presentation
Neoglobin Syrup Supplement iron enriched with mineral trace elements SyrupFl. 200 ml Neoglobin Capsules Supplement iron enriched with mineral trace elements Capsules B. 30
Neutrotone Cream Creme Dermatologique Tube of 30 g Nystatin Syrup Liquid syrup consumable, good for vitality bottle30 ml
Lachidec Vitamin C enriched anti-flu Box of 12 bags Virilex Male Erectile Dysfunction (Erectile Dysfunction) B. 30 Capsules
Lachiproxin Ciproploxacin Tablets B. 10 Lachiclav Amox+Ac.clav Stickers
Lachizole Métronidazole Syrup and tablets Furosemide Diuretic tablets
Aciclovir Antiviral Cream

logoChaired by Dr. LUCA Rossi; DEISA EBANO Spa is a company specialized in the chemical and textile industry. More than 80 years of history and expertise, imbued with a pursuit of quality and a continuous renewal, the result of research and experimentation. As high quality products, we can mention:
Polishing solutions pretreated sponges, pigmenting solutions to recreate the original colors of leathers consumed by time and any type.

Our Products Product Brand Packaging color
Polish Brand TOP Black / White / Brown / Gray
Soles and Laces Brand TOP Any color
Insecticides Brand ZIGZAG Any color
Deodorant Brand GOOD AIR Any color

Vivatinell is a manufacturing company that produces health care products, functional foods and beverages, food supplements and cosmetics with formulations that are all based on the scientific evidences and safe ingredients. We have grown rapidly since 2008 producing more than 60 products in 11 brands. All the products that are currently in the portfolio of Vivatinell are licensed and patented products with proven efficacy and safety..

Our Products Product Brand Presentation
Nutrigen Nutritious food and drink for children based on fiber, enriched with nutrients Syrup Fl. 50ml
Gasodex Contains organically grown plant oils and completely free of alcohol, sugar, simethicone (silicone), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), sweeteners, colorants, citric acid, wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, and animal products. Syrup Fl. 200ml
Vitamixin Multi-micronutrients that will help you serve rich vitamins and minerals to your children every day Any color